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It’s a crowded market for Australian not-for-profits and there is a never-ending list of great initiatives that incredibly valuable organisations like yours need to fund:

  • Medical Research
  • Significantly improved personal mental and physical health and well-being
  • Public and Private Support Services
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Life-changing or life-saving surgery

The challenge is always how to fund it? How to build a community of people that will provide the financial support so that you can make a material difference? Charity organisations are embracing adventure challenges as part of the solution. These are highly rewarding fundraising opportunities and we are achieving outstanding results in both creating communities of supporters and the total amount of funds raised. Adventure Excellence works alongside registered charities to create an adventure program that the charity can promote to their loyal, driven supporters. We have proven this formula works time and again with amazing fundraising results being achieved.

  • A summitting of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with special guests Peter Hillary and Jamling Norgay, the sons of Mount Everest’s first summiteers in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, raised over $1 million
  • Crossing Australia’s red centre, the Simpson Desert on foot for charity raising over $1 million
  • A weekend Mt Kosciuszko climb with 100 ladies hiking to the peak raised over $200,000
  • A crossing of Bass Strait by kayak raising over $200,000 for charity

In consultation with the charity, a program is agreed, as is a marketing plan to attract participants. The supporters enrol directly with us for the adventure program, and then with the authority of the charity they set their own target and raise funds directly for the charity. There’s nothing like knowing that other people are behind you to keep you training and focussed on success from your adventure challenge!

  • Safety and Success – A bit like flying, taking off is optional, but landing is compulsory! We have an enviable safety and success record and provide an Australian Medic or Doctor on every adventure rated at Level 3 and above. No other adventure provider in our market place can boast this, nor match our faultless safety record. We take every aspect of people’s safety and participation seriously.
  • Preparation – No other provider matches our pre-adventure training and preparation of participants. Monitored, supported training is required to be completed as are fitness assessments and medicals to ensure each participant is well prepared so as to maximise their enjoyment of their adventure experience. Our participants regularly have significant, tangible mental and physical health improvements, including weight loss, from the training and completion of the adventure.
  • Leadership – Our trek leaders are true adventurers. They have achieved incredible personal goals such as summitting Mt Everest, swimming the English Channel, and running from the top of Australia to the bottom – a journey of 65kms a day for 65 days, plus kayaking Bass Strait. They are not hobby-walkers that lead one or two adventures now and then for their own holiday experience. They are true leaders of people and are highly experienced.
  • Participant Experience – Participants say that our adventures are a journey in self-discovery and that journey is facilitated by how our leaders develop the participants into a trekking community, including the interactions with porters/Sherpa’s, and local communities. We use a number of activities throughout the adventures to bring out each person as a leader and help them to find personal growth in a safe and supportive environment. This is unique to Adventure Excellence as our trek leaders have the people management and leadership experience to create the right environment.
  • Fundraising – Our team at Adventure Excellence have created and led charity adventures that have raised over $7million. We do not take a “clip” from the funds raised. We do not charge a charity participation fee to each participant. We achieve phenomenal fundraising levels per participant. In one case this was over $50,000 per participant but it is regularly over $10,000 per adventurer. We know the formula to support the participants to achieve outstanding results.
  • Communication – From start to finish we provide total transparency and effective communication giving your stakeholders the confidence to support this endeavour. Good communication saves you from wasted time and effort – this will be a success for you.