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Gait to Gate

Future Dates to be released post-Covid19 pandemic.



Weather can certainly be extreme!

The Gait to Gate for Drought Relief trek scheduled for 4-9 May, starting and finishing at Winton in Central Queensland, has been postponed following the recent rains and flood with a new date and location to be released once a suitable area has been established.

The recent rains in Queensland have brought welcome drought relief to a large area of the state, however, and regrettably, we are now hearing and seeing the equally devastating effects of flood on stock, top soil, and local infrastructure for some areas. Our hearts go out to these farmers and communities facing a new battle.

But, it’s not all bad news with Winton and surrounds receiving over 220mm of rain in the last two weeks. The town of Winton itself looks like an island from aerial photographs with flood waters peaking at 3.55m last week covering the region. Despite the short-term inconvenience, it sounds as if pretty much everyone there is enjoying the novelty of being wet, and the positive effects of the floods “giving the land a good soak.”

For Adventure Excellence and the Gait to Gate Trek, the rain means that the experience that we could provide to you would be materially different from what was intended, so we are postponing the Gait to Gate and will determine a new location that is still in the effects of drought – there are unfortunately plenty to choose from.

We have already contacted everyone that has booked and have given them a full refund and made sure that they are not disadvantaged or out of pocket in any way. We will also give them the first opportunity to take places in the new Gait to Gate when it is released. The release of the new Gait to Gate is likely to be announced in April. We will share that information with you too as soon as it is prepared.

Thank you for all the interest in Gait to Gate, and the messages of support for the initiative to help our country cousins suffering from drought. On the one hand we are disappointed to relocate and reschedule this program, and on the other hand we are so pleased for the central Queensland region that their drought has broken. Who knew that Gait to Gate could bring this type of drought relief before it was even held 😉.

Brad Fox
Managing Director
Adventure Excellence

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Next Event

Saturday 4th May to Thursday 9th May

Duration Home-Winton-Home: 6 Days for most

Challenge Rating: 3/5

Accommodation: 2 nights Hotel; 3 nights in swags (supplied)

Flights: Not included (Return transfers from Longreach airport are included)

Cost: Individuals A$3,300 OR Support Sponsor Team of Four Participants A$11,000 (includes GST)

Catering: All meals and water. (Other beverages are at own cost)

Preparation: Full training program provided (8-week program)

Fundraising Target: $5,000 per person

*Note: The fundraising target is a goal for each participant and we will provide our Fundraising Guide and total support to help you achieve your target. Every dollar goes to your chosen charity.

Register Your Interest Below To Be Part Of Our Next Gait To Gate Event

Indicative Program (subject to negotiations with land-holders and suppliers)

Saturday 4 May
  • Participants make their own way to Winton or fly to Longreach – Transfers from Longreach are included.
  • Arrival registration and trek briefing with equipment supply 3.00 – 4.30pm
  • 5.00pm Sundowner at the Open-Air Cinema with Welcome to Country, Drought briefing and barbecue

Accommodation: North Gregory Hotel

Sunday 5 May
  • First day of trekking
  • Approx 18kms over 6 hours
  • Game of paddock cricket and touch football

Accommodation: Swags under the stars

Monday 6 May
  • Second day of trekking
  • Approx 20kms over 7 hours
  • Sunday Roast for dinner with local community
  • Live music and poetry recital

Accommodation: Swags under the stars

Tuesday 7 May
  • Third day of trekking
  • Approx 25kms over 9 hours – The Day of the Long Paddock
  • A BBQ with the locals
  • An early night…

Accommodation: Swags under the stars

Wednesday 8 May
  • Fourth Day of trekking
  • Approx 20 kms over 7 hours
  • Finish back at the Australian Hotel, Winton
  • Celebration dinner, awards and presentations, party.

Accommodation: North Gregory Hotel

Thursday 9 May Travel Day back home in your own time – drive or fly

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Gait: noun – a person’s manner of walking

“Much of Australia is in the grip of the worst drought experienced since intensive farming began over 200 years ago.

Drought equals destruction and ruin – of our land, our animals, our income, our families…We hurt together, and hurt with and for our animals, who relied on us.

One particularly horrible day, when my husband was away, I found a dead cow in one of our dams. I had to swim out to put chains around her neck, so she wouldn’t pollute what little water was left. Swimming back to the edge, I was so sick of the whole situation; I alternated between yelling in fury at Mother Nature and begging her to change these clear blue skies to dark rainy ones. Then, knowing the school bus was due home soon, I climbed into the tractor, pulled her out and buried her.”

– Fleur McDonald, Author and Farmer

You can make a meaningful impact in the lives of the families that are struggling with the realities of sustained drought. Most of those affected are not big business (despite the land area of their farms); they are small-business, they are families, they are unique, small communities and they’re doing it tough in every sense of the word.

In May 2019, it’s your turn to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty on the farm; to give a chop-out to our rural communities in desperate need of a hand.

The team from Adventure Excellence, invite you to the first Gait to Gate for Drought Relief – a 5-day fundraising trek starting and finishing in Winton, Queensland that will cross the paddocks, dried water-courses and billabongs, and go from farm-house to farm-house on foot for over 110kms. The aim: to raise over $500,000 that can provide water and feed for stock, groceries for families, petrol for the car, money for school fees, counselling and mental-health support, and hope.


Winton in central-west Queensland has a unique place in Australia’s history, but unfortunately today is in the centre of some of the worst affected drought area in our country. Famous as the birthplace of Qantas in 1920, and arguably more importantly, the writing of Waltzing Matilda in 1895 by Banjo Paterson with musical arrangement by Christina Macpherson.

The Gait to Gate for Drought Relief will be a trek through farming properties in the district. Participants will see, hear, and feel the reality of the landscape and the community, but importantly will bring distraction, entertainment and joy to the families of the region whilst raising money to support drought relief more broadly across Australia through one or more registered charities that specialise in drought support such as Rural Aid.

Each day, participants will trek in a range of 20 to 25kms over a period of 6 to 8 hours. It won’t be difficult terrain, but it can be expected to be warm to hot (average day temperature of around 28 degrees with cool nights averaging 13 degrees). This is one of the most temperate times in the region with cooler days than the peak of summer, but mild rather than very cold nights.

An essential aspect of the trek is to successfully build a mobile-community – firstly between the trekking participants, but equally between them and the communities that we will be passing through. Camp fires, barbecues, story-telling, music, poetry readings – a bit of good old Aussie bull-dust – it’s all part of bringing energy, positivity, but reality to the experience.

Enrol as a Team – Sponsor Support Discount

We invite small and large businesses, and groups to enrol as a team of four participants to receive a $2,200 discount. We will recognise you in our marketing, you will receive a certificate of support, and also have your team/corporate name embroidered on your trek shirt. We will extend the same benefit to each group of four participants that wish to register together, whether that be as a family, a group of mates, or perhaps a community group, sporting club or business.