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What’s New at Adventure Excellence?

Need a conference/event speaker or master of ceremonies?

With such a wealth of ADVENTURE AND LIFE experiences to draw on, it’s no wonder the AE Team is able to keep audiences of all sizes enthralled with spellbinding stories that convey true Aussie spirit and courage. We have spoken with and in front of the Nation’s Leaders, Prime Ministers past and present, Governor Generals past and present and leaders of the Australian business community. Our perspective is unique, and our story telling is truly original, challenging, motivating and inspiring. These are keynotes with a difference, or consider getting more value by having us MC your event and weave some life lessons throughout your program. Here are a few of our Speaking Testimonials:


“An amazing experience. Emotional highs and lows”

Melbourne Sales Manager, Channel Seven


“An incredible and inspiring human being, with such moving stories and a motivating strength of character.”

Chief Executive Officer, Mindshare


“I didn’t move and barely breathed during his speech. What a storyteller and what a human.”


Executive Creative Director, Mediacom


“Thank you for reminding me that true courage and humanity still exist. Life Changing.”

Former Head of Account Management, Naked Communications


The AE Adventure Team – Our Head of Adventure Medicine


MBBS, University of Queensland 1982
FRACS, Orthopaedics 1992
Hospital Training
Royal Brisbane Hospital, Resident Medical Officer 1983 – 1985
Cairns Base Hospital, Orthopaedic Registrar 1986
University of Queensland, Anatomy Tutor 1987
Ipswich Hospital, Orthopaedic Registrar 1988
Orthopaedic Training Program 1989 – 1992
Royal Brisbane Hospital 1989
Townsville General Hospital 1990
Princess Alexandra Hospital 1991
Prince Charles Hospital 1992
Visiting Surgeon, Specialty Trauma 1993 – 1999
Cairns Base Hospital (Public) 2013 – present.
Private Surgeon: Trauma, Sports Medicine, Joint Surgery
Cairns Private Hospital 1993 – 2012
Australian Trauma Society 1995 – 1998
2014 – present.
Swiss Trauma Society
Lecturer, AO Swiss Trauma Group 1995 – 2002
Australia State and National Level 2014 – present.
Invited to Demonstrate at International Trauma School (Davos, Switzerland) 1997
Participant, AO Advanced Courses
Advanced Trauma Management – New Zealand 1993
Complex Hand Trauma – Sydney 1995
Complex Multi-Trauma Management – Hong Kong 1996
Advanced Trauma – Singapore 2013
Masters Trauma – Sydney 2014
Instructor AO Course – Sydney 2015
Military Trauma Surgery – LasVegas 2015
Masters Trauma – Los Angeles 2015


Outdoor Guide Level 4 Certificate
Bushwalking, Ocean Kayak, Abseiling – Brisbane
Advanced Survival Certificate
Pilbara Desert
Kimberley Survival Course 2007
Snow Board Instructor – Colorado, USA 2010
Outward Bound Course – Snowy Mountains 2000
PADI Dive Course – Cairns 1986
PACI Rope Course – Cairns 2002

1. Qualifications

(a) Level 4 Outdoor Guide (Trek, Ocean Kayak & Rope)

(b) Orthopaedic Surgeon (FRACSORTH ’96)

(c) Advanced / Extreme Guide (Cooper Survival Sept 2006)

(d) Army Reservist – Current Rank: Major – Surgeon, Australian Army Medical Corps


2. Experience

  • 15 years working as a guide/medic with Australia’s best Adventure Leaders.
  • Trips involving all geographic types: rainforest, desert, ocean, and mountains with expert knowledge of wilderness medicine relevant to each region.

3. Passion

  • I love being out in the bush. This is why I choose to live in Cairns despite being raised as a city boy in Sydney.
  • I love taking people out into the bush and sharing their experience – from taking my children for simple rainforest walks to taking VIP’s on a survival trip through the Kimberley Desert with the Leader of Adventure Excellence.
  • Even at work, I will take groups of doctors or nurses on trips locally – the smiles, conversations and excitement are reward enough but the team building bonus has been unexpected.

4. Fun

  • It is not work for me. It is part of my life to help people and to make their trip just that little bit more special.

5. Favourite Program

  • Kayaking across Bass Strait in 2 man kayaks to raise money for Charity.
  • We trained 6 clients for 6 months (and raised $200,000).


Walking poles – The good and the bad

Research was conducted by a team of specialists to determine if downhill walking has a detrimental effect on the knee and hip joints. All participants were in a controlled environment dressed in trekking gear. The study found that when walking downhill without hiking poles, peak ground reaction forces of 17.0 N.kg-1 were typically experienced, compared to values of 11.7 N.kg-1 during level walking. However, when the subjects completed the test using hiking poles, the peak ground reaction forces experienced were reduced by as much as 15%. This reduction in compression forces has important preventative implications for all trekkers, especially those with back, hip and knee problems.

You will appreciate that you are participating in an activity that will require you to walk along flat, uphill and downhill terrain with additional weight generating forces (weight loaded pack) upon your joints every time you move. Hiking poles are designed to provide extra stability and to spread the load on your legs onto your arms. Many people feel no need for this support when hiking, but there is a minority who suffer from back, hip, and knee pain, and they usually encounter it when participating during uphill, downhill, weight load and prolonged walking periods.

This table below may aid your decision on the use of hiking poles:

Reduces knee pain One or both hands occupied
Increases hill climbing power Poor technique may create frustration
Aids balance overall Can be cumbersome when broaching a technical area
Aids crossing soft ground, creeks and rivers Takes time to get the correct technique
Can increase levels of individual endurance Monetary cost (although basic poles are affordable, or you may be able to borrow them from a friend)
Increases confidence levels