Adventure with a Cause

Adventure Excellence invites you to take on the world and do it for a Cause.

Getting out there and tackling a mountain, the desert, a jungle, or the open water is personally challenging and rewarding, but Adventure Excellence clients do it with a greater purpose in mind: 
They do it for charity.

There’s so much evidence to be found supporting the value and benefits of adventure for the mind, body and soul, and it’s used by some of the world’s most successful and self-aware people. But add to adventure the sense of purpose of doing the training, the preparation, and ultimately the journey for the benefit of others and your adventure will generate real meaning. Whether you raise a little or lot, you will have the support of others, the sense of belonging to a cause, and the knowledge that what you are doing matters.

So, if you want:

The feeling of success from achieving a personal goal

Significantly improved personal mental and physical health and well-being

The sense of purpose from helping others through charitable fundraising

…not to mention creating your ultimate dinner party story then contact us
now and let’s get started.

KOKODA 2020 Dates

24 July – 2 August

21 – 30 August

18 – 27 September
(Family Kokoda School Holidays)

Adventure Excellence is the Australian leader in designing and delivering adventure experiences that raise money for charity. With a number of the world’s leading Adventurers building and delivering our programs, our clients say they are:



“I would like to personally thank the team at Adventure Excellence. Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for guiding us. Thank you for providing your personal insights, not only in the military but also in your personal challenges over the years. I would sum up this Kokoda experience in 4 words. Demanding. Emotional. Soul searching. Rewarding.”

Adrian R, Melbourne Australia



“An amazing, challenging, unique personal journey led by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Lifelong friendships formed over the trek. Adventure Excellence is the only option for anyone looking to take on the Kokoda challenge.”

Steve M, Melbourne, Australia  



“Easily one of the best adventures I have experienced.  Thoroughly professional and knowledgeable guides, not only on the track, but the battles of Kokoda made the trek that much more memorable. Would highly recommend the Adventure Excellence Team!”

Peter S, Brisbane Australia  



“From the pre-trek documentation and communication, through to the itinerary, and then the trek itself, I could not recommend Adventure Excellence highly enough. The Team really do go deep beyond what anyone would normally expect from an adventure trek. Its more, much much more. Thanks for everything.”

Brad D, Gold Coast, Australia